Deep litter material?

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    Jun 3, 2017
    I've been reading all I can find about DLM. Looks like I can use wood shavings, shredded paper and straw. What about grass clippings? And how much DE is best to use? My coop is 6x6 and I have 2" of wood shavings to start with.
    Oh, and can someone post some pictures of what you're using for catch pans under your roost.
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    I wouldn't add DE as that would only dry it out and kill off any microbes that are breaking down the 'bad/stinky' stuff. The whole point of deep litter is that it stays damp enough to be slowly breaking down. You need to add some backyard dirt to start the process as it will have the microbes in it. Grass clippings in excess will make it too damp (just as in composting too many grass clippings will make it go slimey) but a little bit should add to the goodness of the end result.
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    Here's a good video on deep litter.
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    We have Deep Litter in the run - straw, hay, grass clippings, leaves, pine needles and landscape debris. Don't mix in DE.

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