Deerfield Fair

The poultry barn at the fair is run by the NH Poultry Fanciers. You purchase any birds for sale through them. There is an "office" at the poultry barn, just go talk to them when you get there.
You'd have to wait until the Judging was over. Personally with all of the MG running through the state right now I would not buy there. Even if the chicken you are buying is MG tested (along with NPIP) it is being exposed to chickens who are not MG tested. MG can live on clothes/hair for up to 3 days and anyone with sick chickens at home who walk through can potentially infect the chickens as well. If you do buy some a minimum of 30 days strict quarantine should be followed.
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I'm going to the Deerfield Fair today and will be hopefully purchasing a few chickens. How did they look?
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