Defeat HR 875 - Goodbye Freedom To Farm


11 Years
Jun 4, 2008
Here is the link

If you read close, you will see that even backyard flocks owners will be impacted.

Its time to get involved. This bill is outrageous, and will destroy our freedom to farm and produce food in a manner not blessed by Washington. It usurps all state authority over food production
and requires federal registration of even the smallest producers --- you and me. Contact your congressman now.

If you are represented by one of the authors/sponsors listed below, then by all means contact them to express your outrage.

This bill is authored/sponsored by

Mr. ENGEL, Ms. CASTOR of Florida, Mr. MURPHY of Connecticut, Ms.
Mr. NADLER of New York, Mr. BISHOP of New York, Ms. LINDA T.
SA ´NCHEZ of California, Mr. MCDERMOTT, Mr. RYAN of Ohio, Ms. GIFFORDS,
Mr. FILNER, Mr. HALL of New York, Ms. LEE of California, Ms.
PINGREE of Maine, Ms. KAPTUR, Mr. BISHOP of Georgia, Ms. MOORE
of Wisconsin, and Mr. DEFAZIO
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Hey folks:

You really need to listen up to the previous poster about this subject! Your backyard flocks are deemed as a harbor of such evils as Avian Flu and other really nasty diseases.

The "big boys" Tyson/Pilgrim, etc. are exempt - it's YOU that's targeted!

The whole NAIS scheme which I believe is funded to about 140 million dollars now, will pretty much help stamp out your little chicken pets.

Let's face it...your neighbors don't want you to keep chickens now, and once this legislation gets passed, as it's almost now a shoo-in, your freedom to indulge in raising chickens will be over.

I know you don't believe please research it.

When I looked at the recent proposed regs, it ranged from 1 - 25 chickens!!!! We have to pay a fee for even one chicken!!!!

Please get involved with fighting the NAIS legislation - it will either turn us all into criminals, or wipe out backyard flocks.

Rachel, TX
This is even more worrisome than NAIS. It covers all food producers, importers, resellers, food establishments, you name it.
Are your birds not edible? Do they not lay eggs? The federal government defines you as producer, even if you don't.
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I heard something about this a while back,really didnt think much about it at the time (was busy). I used to think we had a representative government, and the people we elect are supposed to vote the way the voters who put them there want them to vote.
Well i was wrong... our congressmen, State legislators and even Presidents are all bought and paid for by special interest groups and big business. All this boils down to is another way to tax working people more and then give the money to someone else, the more it think about this the madder i get, what a bunch of Idiots, I can not believe that some of these people could ever get elected and then get reelected. My advice is the next election do not vote for an incumbent. I know this isn't a political site, so I'll move on. thanks for the info
Does this pertain to business farms that sell eggs over a certain dozen a week, or do you think it will target Joe Blow who sells 3 dozen eggs a week to friends?

I think it will target my local nursery/apple farm who makes their own cider. I know it says ranch, farm, orchard, vineyard, etc. However, I am not nor ever will be a business.

We used to make our own homebrewed beer but a 5 gallon carboy doesn't qualify as a business establishment. How would they know unless I sold it to a bar?

Think back on the previous threads we had about some hatcheries with salmonella outbreaks. I think that's what they're trying to do is have some authority to backtrack diseases/chemical contaminants and do something about it.

I think the worst case scenario for me is I will be obligated to use certain cleaners or my fresh eggs since I can have salmonella on my shell. I guess I'll buy some of the natural enzyme cleaner and put a warning sticker on my 3 cartons a week...
Anyone catch this little bit they threw in.
13 term ‘‘category 4 food establishment’’ means a food
14 establishment that processes all other categories of
15 food products not described in paragraphs (5)
16 through (7).
This little insert makes this cover anything produced for consumption by humans or animals ie your veggie garden isn't safe either. That is unless of course your growing it just to look at. Just my 2cents.
So they want us to turn in all of our ammunition by 2010 in 1 bill and remove our right to grow our own food with another?

Oh this is going to go over SO WELL. Have our countrys leaders completely lost their minds?

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