Defeating the Predators


6 Years
Jun 10, 2013
Well we go through the hatch and get them big enough to go in a pen and then the Predators Come to help you out.
Our Farm seems to attract, coyotes, raccoons and possum. As well as numerous cats. Even a Bobcat. The first week we were TAUGHT a hard lesson. Of the 60 eggs I bought on Ebay, about 30 hatched, 26 made all the way to the Big Cage. We thought we had it safe, NOT. Then the raccoon came and took 5 in one night. from under and the side. Next day we put Metal on the underpinning and re fortified the outside of the pen AGAIN. So far its been 3 weeks and we still have 21 (4 month old) Butler Quail. But just keeping them alive till they can lay EGGS has been a trial. happy 21 at the moment, still can't tell the boys for sure, Butlers all seem to look alike to the inexperienced eye and they are only coooing not bobing yet. A few have a slight Rise of feathers on the head.
HOW DO YOU TELL FOR SURE ON BUTLER BOBS? Anybody have an answer for me? Raccoon, SallyKay3926
I had lost 30 or so chickens a night, due to mink attacks several years back. I since put in lights and a loud radio playing in my barn and this keeps wild predators away. Another thing is I walk my Mini Schnauzers out by the barn area daily and they put some scent out, that may help also.

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