Defiant chickens protesting loud and clear !!


Mother of Chickens
14 Years
Feb 23, 2009
Few weeks ago, we thought we were outsmarting our three hens: they were occasionally pecking and cracking their eggs, so we put a tilted floor inside the nest box and covered that with a rollaway nest pad.

We also installed a false back wall that has a two inch space under it, so the eggs can roll down to where the hens can't reach them.

It worked for a few days, but they finally told me how much they miss the pine shavings: No eggs yesterday or today in the nest box. So this morning I looked around the coop carefully and sure enough, I found five eggs in a corner of the coop, all nestled in a hollowed out space in the pine-shavings floor litter.

****! So, I've removed the nest pad and added fresh shavings to the nest box. Then I lift up each hen in turn and put her in the nest box so she'd see and feel the shavings there.

The floor is still tilted. I hope that they'll lay there tomorrow and that the eggs will roll down the incline.

To further discourage laying eggs on the floor of the coop, I took a clear sheet of hard plastic and wedged it into the corner of the coop to wall off that corner where they laid their protest eggs.

We live in hope!
sounds like you've got 'em beat. mine haven't started laying yet. i have the nest boxes closed off. i've recently introduced 5 chicks into the flock also. i hope i catch the first eggs right away so i can open up the nest boxes. it's a dancing act between them & us. lol
Too funny! I have so much to learn about chickens; I've only been doing this for 2 weeks now and I'm amazed at what people here know.

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