deformed chicks


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Jun 10, 2008
Weare, NH
I had three eggs make it out of 12 to lockdown. One hatch yesterday and the other two nothing so this afternoon i candled one and saw some movement so i put it back. Well I checked on them a little bit ago and no movement so I went ahead and punched a hole in the egg....still didnt see anything so I thought they died and proceeded to open the egg...well one had a broken beak, was dead and the yold sac looked really rotten looking, plus it didnt have an eye on one side! The other (which i saw movement in earlier) was dead and had everything ok but a a huge eye on one side. Is this cause they are shipped eggs? Or something with the who i got them from? I would have taken pictures but didnt want people to be offended. I feel bad for these little chicks!
The one that hatched is so lonely!


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May 14, 2010
North Edwards, CA
I had baby chicks hatch late last night (There was about 14) and only one is still alive. Half of the yolks looked like a dark green. The one surviving chick couldn't hold its little head up until a little while ago and now it can do that good but it is still not walking yet. I have it in a little brooder in one of our bathrooms and I put a little stuffed animal in the brooder with it which seems to have helped some because I don't hear it right now. I have another hatch due Monday so hopefully it will have some little buddies. We named her Miracle because of that hatch she is the only survivor.


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May 7, 2010
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Mine is still alive and doing well. He still cannot eat on his own but he has learned how to drink. He is incredibly smart and I think he can learn to eat. There is no eye or eyelid and you can see where the crook of the wing had made a depression in the side of his skull. The bandaid I had on his beak absolutely made no difference and was a waste of time.



Apr 25, 2018
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I have one problem chick out of 14 that hatched out within a day and half.
It is apparently blind with one closed eye and one bulging. I think it hatched out with the problem. There were several hatching out at the time so I didn't notice it until a few days later when I was investigating why one of the chicks kept "crying" non stop. I think it was starting to get hungry by then. It seems there is a membrane covering the eye. One eye is bulging out, and the other seems to just be barely opened. She is obviously unable to see. I can't bring myself to destroy it. I've been trying to give it water by hand, using an eye dropper. It pecks for food but really can't see where it is.

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