Deformed duck beak

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    Having read through a LOT of posts and searched other sites, I have still not run across my particular situation. We have 4 Pekin ducklings who all started out normal. At some point, one little guy appeared to have had its beak pecked, as it looked like a bruise that bled ever so slightly, just under the nostrils. As time went by, we realized his upper bill was no longer growing at the same rate as his lower. Now, at 4 weeks, the difference is about 1/2 an inch. He is the same size as the others and appears to have little trouble eating or drinking (although he can't peck for bugs, which really frustrates him to no end!). Yesterday, when we moved them to a new yard, I realized he is growing kind of a horny protrusion above his nostrils, which most resembles the knob on a goose. Anyone out there ever encountered such a thing and is it possible his upper bill will eventually catch up with the lower? Thanks!
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    Photos please
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    Just read an article on crossbeak in chickens. Don't know if your duck has the same thing, but maybe google it and you will get some info.
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    [​IMG] my two baby white crested.

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