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Jul 29, 2014
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I just got a 9 week old Dominique chick and didn't notice until I got her home that her middle toe is either deformed or has been broken at some point , it points inward toward the other foot and can overlap the other foot when standing. Do you think this will be a problem as she grows for scratching the ground or walking? She gets along fine right now. I got others chicks at the same time so just didn't see it at first. It is like an upside down L.


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Dec 11, 2009
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You might be able to straighten it since she's still very young. Take a bandaid and place it on a table sticky side up. Place her crooked toe on the sticky part of the bandaid, straightening the toe as much as it will go without forcing it too much. Then place another sticky bandaid on top of the toe, sealing the edges to the sticky part of the tape under the toe. It should hold the toe in the straightened position.

If it curls up again in spite of the sticky tape, remove the tape and try it with a light piece of cardboard. Cut it so it's just a bit larger than the whole foot. Tape the toes in position. The chick will hate it, try to remove it, but it will get used to it. Keep it in place for a week, then remove it to see if the toe has straightened. It may need another week, but often one week ought to do the job.

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