Delaware. any gender guesses?

mother o' chicks72

8 Years
Mar 21, 2011
Portland, Oregon
This is Little Cloud. She is a 4 week old Delaware. I think girl, but do you have an opinion? Here she is! she is soooo sweet!






she likes the mirror!

I can't see the tip of the chick's tail, but if it's a pullet, the ends of the tail feathers should be solid black, and if it's a roo, you should see some barring appearing by this age. I have Delis, and the roos always bar out on the tail tips. Usually by this age, though, you should also be seeing some of the columbian pattern on the neck, and I don't see that, so your baby may be slow in getting his/her markings. Some genetic lines are. Wish I could help more.
Most Delawares are super friendly, though some hatcheries are guilty of propagating bad strains of them (I know, I had some). My main flock rooster is a Delaware and you couldn't ask for a calmer, more even-tempered boy. Loves chest rubs. The girls love to be held, but man, my Georgie will bite you if you don't pick her up when she wants it. She makes you pick her up, the goof.
SpeckledHen, My meanest hen is a Delaware.
I can't stand her. lol. She's headed for the stew pot, I'm tired of her attitude! AND, while she lays every single day, her eggs are only medium sized! She's my only Dellie left, my nice hens are gone, my rooster started chasing my kids, so we had coq a vin a few months ago.... Ugh. Maybe one day I'll look into Dellies again, but for now, I'm steering clear!

I vote pullet, and I hope she stays as sweet as she looks right now!!!
she's a girl. My Dellie roo you could tell at 2 weeks. He had thick legs and hugh comb. He was a good rooster. Sadly we had to rehome him cause we had too many roosters. The guy we gave him to was really impressed with him. Said he has many girls.

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