Delawares are SO awesome!!!


9 Years
Apr 10, 2010
Raytown, MO (BY KCMO)
I hatched a bunch of Delaware chicks last week and they already are developing pin feathers on their wings. Some almost have the entire wing covered. I am always amazed at how quickly these little birds feather out. Anyway, Delawares rank really high on the most awesome chicken breed ever at least in my book.


Here are some pics. Remember they hatched last weekend. Pretty awesome stuff!! LOL (I know truly I've become a chicken geek.

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Let me tell you my little Del story. I only have one Del. She's a doll baby and one day I hope to have more of them.

I guess she didn't like what coop and run I put her into. I had put her in a coop & run where there is an EE roo and about 5 older hens of various breeds. The older hens weren't very nice to her. How she got out of her run, I don't know but the next day I found her in with strictly EE's. She's decided that she would rather live with the EE's than live with the older cackling hens! So I left her there. Love love love her!

Glad to perpetuate the line. My hatching project is to create a good rooster for my endeavor to develop the perfect Delaware. LOL Lofty goal I know. One of my chicks was a twin. Lost one but the other hatched fine (with a little help).

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