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6 Years
Apr 8, 2013

Sorry for the back-to-front antics and incorrect thread placements I've been making, I've been running around half-cocked like the proverbial headless chicken. Mishmashed metaphors there...

Anyway, I'm a lifestyle farmer who is dedicated to growing my own sustenance and also supplying my family with the same. I have much to learn, have found out some random things, but I know it's all subjective and some of it's open to theorizing and interpretation, so if I seem to state something as a hard and fast fact and forget to add a disclaimer, please don't take offense. :) What's true in my experience is not necessarily true in yours and I respect that.

I have a flock of about thirty chooks and turkeys, two dingo-mix dogs, a cat, a sheep, and want to get more of all and other animals too when I have the land to do so. I've had many more of all the animals mentioned, and others, before, and it was great. None of my animals are pure bred though the damara sheep (an orphan 5-month-old ewe) is close to it. I'm keen on establishing my own strains and have been keen on breeding and genetics in general from a very young age. I'm also keen on: rehabilitating and rescuing native and all other creatures, animal behaviour, and as-natural-as-possible livestock, pet, plant, land, and self care.

P.S.: I'm keen on advice on training wild dogs, because one of my dogs is so close to dingo that you'd have to know what sort of pups he produces and what his siblings look like to recognize that he's a mix, and he was wild born and bred. He's doing well but I'm still learning how to manage a wild dog and am not the best of owners. It's a work in progress. So any dog owners with advice to give feel free to contact me.

And asides from that I'm just glad to have found a comprehensive forum where people discuss chooks and where I can learn and compare experiences and get advice.

Thanks for reading. Nice to meet you all.
Greetings from Kansas, chooks4life, and
! Great to have you officially here! No apologies necessary - BYC can be daunting to navigate at first! Best of luck to you and your breeding program and various critters!
Hello and welcome from glad you joined BYC

Loved your intro. Sounds like you have plenty of animal experience :)

Enjoy the site
are you from Australia ? I ask because that's the only place I've heard that has dingos. Is it domesticated enough to train it? I would worry that it will love chickens in the wrong way.
Yes I'm from Australia.

When Buddy was a pup he did kill two chooks that attacked him but he's good now. He tends to investigate new things, not bite outright. He loves cats (in the right way) and has been in general much easier to train to be good with all other animals than a domestic, lol. He likes small fluffy dogs too, but him and Jack Russels have words. Not that he's mauled any, unlike my first dog, a dingo-mix *****.

Oh lol, just editing to say, I didn't realize you couldn't call your female dog by the usual term without it being censored. I didn't mean it offensively, lol! She was a great dog asides from her serious bent on terrier type dogs. I did everything in my power to socialize her with them from a young age, etc, etc, etc, but she'd made up her mind about them. Not that she ever did anything untoward in my presence, she was too smart for that. Got out one day and mauled some poor elderly gent's geriatric Russel-mixes. Thankfully neither died, and I paid the vet bill, but that was as far as I could go financially. She went to a better owner who had decades of experience and was aware of her small-dog problem attitude.
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