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deleted since their are such judgementle people of which they think they know all about laws
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For her sake I would find a home quickly that does not have poultry either( just in case). Maybe see if there is a rescue center near you. Much preferable to having her hauled off and dumped or shot.
blah i hate rude people who think they know everything about
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I don't get what you are saying?
'Chicks' should be in the house in a cage w/a heat lamp. Not just where ever and never where any other animal can get them.
Birds, like rabbits, can die from stress, IE dogs barking at them non-stop.
If these are real chicks, I don't see how the weenie dog would look fat. Is there no bits left?
Really, we need to know what it is you are calling 'chicks' first.
And you have 5 dogs, they have more[unknown #], is there no law on how many one land can have??? Lots of states have 4 dogs per land/owner, anymore and you need a kennel license.
Why so many dogs, what do you do with them?
That dog will always hunt small things, it's what it was bred for, I would expect to loose birds as long as I own the dog. Are you ok with that?
Also, how old are you? If you are under 18 and/or living under your parents roof, they aint your 5 dogs and it aint your choice what stays and what goes. That's why people move out as soon as they can.
i have 2 full grown dogs and 3 pups. my pups are looking for homes as the people up the road allow their dogs to roam and he got into the yard with my girl. i know the laws around here i have looked them up plenty of times for other people and having gone to college for pre-vet tech. my babies are well taken care of and spoiled rotten. and unless you know the full story and the sitiuation you cant really say anything
You asked for opinions!

Your description of the brooder pen is a bit vague.

The chicks are not kept secure? If they can escape from the brooder on their own almost anything could have happened.
I was just wondering what chicks were doing outside. If they weren't secure there is really no way of knowing what could have gotten to them and killed them. did you find bodies or remnants of them?
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