deleting multiple messages in the PM box


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Jul 8, 2009
Sulphur Springs, TX
Could somebody DRAW ME A ROAD MAP...I've been researching on old threads how to delete MORE THAN ONE P.M. at a time, but I absolutely do NOT see the "delete multiple" feature that some folks mention.

Could someone please SPECIFICALLY describe where I would find that feature?

Thanks in advance!!
We have that feature????????????
Go to your inbox, look at the top button that says, "Send New Message". Right under it, you will see a button that says "Delete Multiple" . click that.
Good grief!!! It is white on a PALE GRAY screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought y'all were trying to pull my leg; so I got real close to the screen and VOILA! I FINALLY SEE IT!

Yea! Thanks everybody!

That font color needs to be changed really badly!!

ETA: no, I'm not old and blind...
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