Deleting posts


14 Years
Mar 30, 2008
There have been a few folks that made posts then edit them so there is nothing there. The post just says 'Last edited by ____' Then when I click on that persons user name, I see where they did that with a lot of their posts. It just made me curious about why somebody would go through and delete all of them. Any ideas?
Maybe it was a debated issue and they commented in not such a good light? I have done that-gotten angry at the Op or the post and commented..then I calmed down and went back to delete so I don't get punished

or be completely wrong on a topic and didn't realize it until after I of bird...breed of bird...helping in an emergency situation etc... I've done it all

when you become a platinum member -you can delete your whole post as if it was never posted! done that too:)
But I mean some of these folks deleted almost all of their posts. On several different topics. You click on all posts by that user and there are mostly blank spaces.

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