Delta the spoiled Roo


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Jun 27, 2016
Delta is a seven month old easter egger. And after being told it's a boy, I couldn't bring myself to part with him. He was bought from our local tractor and supply company during the chickens days with his brother Omega. Omega is successfully rehomed to a six lady flock across town. But Delta. Delta took to me pretty quickly. And I didn't have the heart to sell him off. I tried. But each day made it harder. So I got him a no crow collar that still has to be fitted proper to him. And he just got his chick flock earlier today to grow with him. They're beside his cage for now. Delta is a calm rooster that, as pictured, is really tolerant of everything I do to him. He allows being picked up, held, hugged (gently), cuddled, kissed, and sits for long periods of time in my lap. He prefers being close to people and thinks our home is his coop, so he hasn't been outside a whole lot. Delta doesn't do a lot of crowing, which is good. And he doesn't mind the cats or dogs. He's a chill rooster that allows us to clip his wings, nails, and examine him more closely without a fuss or flail. And he really likes pizza.


I got my boy a mix of Easter eggers, barred rocks, sex links, cherry eggers and faverolles. All female and within his sight so they can grow up knowing who their man is when it's time to go outside.
I know it isn't relevant to common life. But my whole family is fuzzy, scaly, or feathered.

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