Dem chicks ain't fragile

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    I incubated 18 chicks for my doctor's wife, and they hatched on December 10th. She was keeping them in the basement of the house where she has her business that's open Monday through Friday. I went over there Monday with a roll of plastic fencing to put over the top of the large box that she was using as a brooder. She had left food and water over the weekend, and two of them had flown out; she'd only found one of the escapees when I got there. I spent an hour Monday looking all over that basement in and under everything where the chick could be, but could not find it. I was talking to her this morning, no dead chick found. She was all excited when she called this afternoon to tell me that she'd caught the chick in the corner of the room; no telling where it'd been. She said it was eating like it would never stop. That three-week-old chick had been out of the heat lamp's warmth with no food or water for four to six days (?), and there it was, alive.
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    They look so fragile, but yet, they manage to surprise us. Happy Day about the live chick!
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    Quote:Yep, it's a happy day, and honestly, I am flabberghasted. Who'd've thunk it?
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    That's amazing! I love happy stories like that.

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