Demanding Chook


May 26, 2020
Hi Folks, I've just started with the forum and keeping chickens, starting with two Pekin Bantams and will be getting some Hybrids and Speckled Sussex next month.
We've noticed that the dominant hen drives the other to despair when the more docile one wants to lay as the dominant will raise hell and keep her from nesting to the point where she will quickly just lay in a bush. The dominant one just has to have the other by her side where as the dominant will spend two hours on the nest.
Will the other hens break up this habit? they are very quiet and never leave each others side generally. The docile one will sit next to the coop the whole time the dominant is on the nest too. It's like " Prisoner Cell Block H" ( Australian Womens Prison Drama 80's)
Thanks for any Thoughts.
Well, when it comes down to it, we really can't say for certain what motivates a chicken to do what they do. Behaviors are as varied as temperaments and each chicken has their own personality.

Chances are that these two have a bond from when they were brooded together, although you haven't mentioned how old they are or their history together. Think of them as two ladies where one is always yacking away at the other over things she disapproves of.

Yes, it is practically guaranteed that this relationship will be affected by the increase in the flock size, if only for the reason that new chickens will divert the attention of the "hall monitor".

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