Denegard in the incubator

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    Has anyone heard of using Denegard or Oxine in the bator during incubation? And if so what are the benefits of it and what does it do and the cons and how much would you use I had heard it mentioned a few months back and don't remember where or from who So thought I would put it on here and see what kind of results I get from this world wide group of people Thanx for any and all help any of you guys can give I am interested in this idea
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    Denagard is an antibiotic that is sometimes effective on respiratory disease when none of the standard options have worked. I can't imagine what you would do with it in an incubator.

    However Oxine or TeKTrol is something I have heard of. The idea being that they will help eliminate nasty bacteria that could cause problems with the eggs. There is a well-known breeder I know of, who hatches 600+ every week, and he power washes all of his eggs in TekTrol prior to setting them, and swears that this treatment increases his hatch rate.

    On a much smaller scale, I don't worry about it. I figure if the mother hen can set eggs and move around in the nest after walking around in poop, and have a good hatch rate, then the egg itself must have been designed to allow for development even with bacteria around.

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