Depressed, anxious chicken?


11 Years
Mar 16, 2008
Putnam County, NY
We moved two of our chickens (a rooster and a hen, both about 12 weeks old) into the layer flock two days ago. Their pen from their old flock was running right next to the layers, so I figured they were used to each other. I moved them to the layers during the night, to help ease the transition. The rooster has not taken the move lightly. He stalks the fence-line all day long trying to find some way to get back to his old flock. He spends all day calling to them and pacing. Then he'll lay down with his head down like he can't believe this has happened to him. He's scared to death of any other chicken except his hen-buddy who moved over with him. It doesn't help that a few of the other hens are not so nice to him either. I moved him because the other flock was small, and bantams, and he and the other little rooster (also 12 weeks old) were starting not to get along. Any suggestions for this scared, depressed young man?


11 Years
Oct 18, 2008
grand prairie, tx
He really must want to go back. Can you let him go back? If you don't want him to get sexy with the others, then see about 'fixing' him. He really need to feel happy. Although I'm sure he would not agree to a 'fixing', it might make him happier with the others in the long run.
Let us know what happens.

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