Depressed Chick?


Oct 15, 2018
So I hatched 4 chicks and they were all really close always chasing eachother then one of them died. 2 of the other chicks are perfectly fine but the last seems scared and shaking and won't stand up on her own will she be okay? The chick wasn't sick before it died I believe it was crushed they are are about 4-5 weeks old


May 15, 2018
My first thought was Coccidiosis. How does their poops look, are they runny? Does the weak one have a pale comb? I've had a similar run in with my chicks where they were very lethargic looking and looked really cold, and they unfortunately had Coccidiosis. I'm not sure what stores you have in your area but most feed stores like Tractor Supply will have a treatment for it called Corid, you can buy it in liquid or powder and add it to their water (1.5 teaspoons added to a gallon of water for the powder treatment and 2 teaspoons added to a gallon water for the liquid treatment) and continue this for 5 days. I don't want to worry you if this isn't what your chicks have either, but better safe than sorry! You can try getting her to drink some water mixed with apple cider vinegar (1 tsp mixed with a gallon of water I believe), that usually perks my weak chicks up. I hope someone else can give out some more information!

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