Depressed hen

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9 Years
Sep 9, 2010
NW Arkansas - Huntsville
Is there any way to help a chicken out
of depression?

About 6 months ago, there was a stray
hen outside of our chicken run... she'd
get really excited when I threw feed to
my ladies... she'd run towards the pen
and try to get in...

one day, I opened the door and tossed
a bunch of feed down... the little hen
came in and stayed...

she bonded with two Bantum Buffs and
two other young birds...

The Bantums were killed and the little hen
is now alone... she hides out in nesting
boxes and stays all by herself....

we recently hatched one of her eggs and
she now has a daughter...

I was thinking of putting the two of them
in a pen by themselves so that they could
get to know one another... I doubt that she'd
know that the new young hen is her offspring

does anyone else have experience with
this... any suggestions to offer???

Thank you many bunches

How old is the chick? You should introduce them slowly, here this link will explain:
Hi Veer67

Thank you for your reply...

The chicklette is a little less than
4 months old.... it is living easily
in the chicken run with the rest of
the adults....

I am really concerned for the adult
hen that is displaying depression...

she jams herself against the back
corner of a nesting box and stays
there all day....

I am going to move her, her "baby"
and a couple of other adults to a
private area to see if she will rebond
with some of them..

Thanks for your help


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