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    for some reason im just incredibly depressed today. all day yesterday my older brother was out with friends, and my little brother and sister went on a playdate, and my parents were out of town so i was stuck at home doing nothing for most of the day, and now today my brother is out again, my sister is at a friend's house again, and im stuck at home again with nothing to do. i feel like im the only one in the family with no friends, who never has plans, and even when i do, they have the least priority. like today i was actually supposed to meet up with a friend, but couldn't because i had to stay home with my little brother. but of course everyone else can go out with friends, its me who is stuck babysitting. and when my parents get home, guess who will be blamed for any dirty dishes? or laundry that needs done? or messes that need to be cleaned? because that is all i am expected to do, right? sit at home, babysit, cook, and clean while everyone else travels or goes out with friends, or does some thing else fun. spring break is almost over and i have done nothing fun. i've just sat at home and babysat basically.

    sorry i sounded so whiney, i just needed to vent
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    Sounds like it's time to have an honest discussion with your parents about needing some "me" time.
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    Quote:What she said... [​IMG]
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    Quote:What she said... [​IMG]


    Start making plans and putting them on the family calendar. Let your parents know ahead of time (days ahead) what you're wanting to do; advance notice is one way adults let each other know what's going on in their social lives (it will remind them that you are mature and responsible). Figure out transportation and whatnot so that it's a known fact that you will be spending time with your friends (with your parents' permission, of course).
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