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Dec 16, 2011
A friend called me and said that she found a couple ducklings that had, "fallen 25 feet from a tree." I'm assuming they are wood ducks? She found them 2:00ish today and took them home. She said they are still fuzzy and don't have any feathers. She called me and asked me to take them, but I don't want to take them because of the bird flu. (I live in Iowa.) I told her to call the DNR, but she said she called and left a message and they haven't called back. I told her to keep them as warm as possible and give them water and greens until tomorrow when I can get her some actual food. Is this ok? Do you think they'll survive the night? Any other advice? One already died, but she said the rest are following them around (Not sure why they are just out and about their house...) and seem pretty hardy.
That's a shame she picked them up. It is natural for the wood duck's nest to be in a cavity that high in a tree. When the young are ready to leave the nest they are still unable to fly, but will make a faithful leap and fall to the forest floor below. Then parents take them to the water where they continue to grow up.

I'm sorry I don't know what to do to raise them in a domestic situation.
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I think so too. :( However, there is a chance that they might have been actually been abandoned, because she said one was dead when she found them. Like I said, one died shortly after but the remaining 3 survived the night. She s going to call the DNR as soon as possible. It is actually illegal to raise wood ducks domestically.

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