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    Hello! I have some very rough sketches here, along with general information. I also have a list of questions, I would greatly appreciate help with. I am not much of a builder, and this is unlike anything my husband has done before, so we will both be learning...I am more of the researcher however.

    The gist:

    - 6 chicks, 1 is Bantam, however 1 is a Bramha. Currently 2 weeks old (Brahma is 3 weeks)
    - On concrete slab, 15'6x7'10 - half for coop and run (will have free range access as well) (slab is 6-8 inches thick)
    - 4 x 5 (height 4 on back side, 4'6 in front) , elevated 26 inches, 6'2 in back 6'8 in front
    -Shed roof, 4'6 slope to 4 (only receive 1-2 snows a year)
    - Access under coop as part of run, run total size, 7'10 x 7'3
    - Fully inclosed, back hand under metal roofing, front half (height 6'8) netting to secure from hawks?

    - We have managed to find A LOT of free materials
    - Metal roof (scrap from our house roofing)
    - main costs, hardware cloth, hardware, treated plywood for floor





    Is the size okay?

    Do exterior nest boxes need some sort of bracket support? Is there a good tutorial on building and adding nesting boxes?

    Main framing for coop, what size wood works best? 2x2? we have a lot of 2x4

    Shed roof slant, ok? Using it as ventilation source, and winterizing?

    How far from the wall do roosts need to be? Poop shelves suggested?

    Human access, we really want a slide out tray, on the front side. I planned to door a double door, with a double roller door catch (one on top support, and one on the tray) and latches on the outside. Are there any tutorials on slide out trays? Should we make the floor the tray is on solid or slated?

    For the run part, 1/2 in hardware cloth is best correct? For we need to use the hardware cloth all the way to the top, or can we do the bottom ~4 feet in hardware cloth, and the remaining is something cheaper?

    That is it for now I think. I am sure I will have more questions along the way!
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