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    May 27, 2011
    Downingtown, Pa
    Im looking for ideas to re-do my coop. Its basicaly has to be 2 sided( 4 sides but 2 working sides) since its going to be tucked into the corner of my fence. I have a basic idea but anything would help. It shouldnt be any taller than 4 ft high so it doesnt go over the top of my fence. Im thinking nesting boxeson the front and have the whole front swing open for cleaning and collecting eggs, and then the run attached to the other side. any ideas on the size for 3 fat cochins, food and water and roosts? would be helpful. I dont want to make it too small like the one i have now and have my girls all over each other. their fine now but i can tell they are gonna be fatties.
  2. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
    South Georgia
    You're right, Cochins get big. I would put one movable nest in there, something like a kitty litter pan or plastic bin. The rule of thumb is one nest for every 4 hens, and if you put more than one in, they would probably only use one if there were 6 or 8 of them, anyway. If you are in a warm climate you may not need the other two sides to be solid at all, just the run and a roof for rain etc., depending how predator proof you will make the run, especially if weather comes from the fenced side.
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    If your run is secure(top and sides) and skirted and depending on your weather, you don't have to have a coop, per se. All the chickens really need is some sun shade and a shelter with a roost (3 sided works fine). As to the nest boxes, they can be anywhere including hung on the fence with a access door.

    In a warm climate, nothing says you have to have a 6 sided box for a coop. With a enclosed box you have to wirry about letting the birds out (if you lock up at night, worry about ventilation (heat and ammonia fumes will kill a bird as fast as a predator) and you have the expence of building it.
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