Designer Challenge. What to make of this?

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  1. ARose4Heaven

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    Apr 16, 2009
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    I just go bonkers when I have something that looks like a wonderful find, but I can't figure out what to do with it. We have this bedliner from a F150 laying in the machine shed. Yes, most of the truck is there too, but it's going out a piece at a time.

    Here's the challenge... What would you make of this for your chickens? To me the possiblilities are endless...brooder growout pen, coop liner, duck shelter.....

    Toss me some ideas...

  2. libertychicken

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    Back when summer had just ended I rinsed out my son's little plastic wading pool - it looks a lot like your bed liner, but round - and propped it against the wall of the house, in the yard where the chickens range, to dry. The chickens spent half the day just hanging out under there, and after a few days they would leave their run in the morning and run straight to the underside of the pool to sort of reconnoiter and discuss their plans for the day, over coffee, maybe [​IMG]. They s[pent so much time under there that I started getting worried about it blowing over and trapping them underneath, so I screwed it to the wall of the house in a few places, and now it's their little coop-away-from-home. It also would make a good place to hide from a hawk, not they did so when we had a hawk attack.
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    The possibilities ARE endless! In addition to what you mentioned, it could be a duck pond liner, or if inverted, a run cover. Run boards across it and you have a roost with a washable poop board.
  4. Royd

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    I would dig out an area in the ground, fill it full of sand, and throw that bedliner over the top of it, upside down....When my chickens aren't eating, they are under the mobile home, in that soft, dry dirt.

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