Designing the Coop and Mobile Run

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    Feb 10, 2014
    Eastern Massachusetts
    We are planning to convert our old play structure into a coop and to build a mobile run. The play structure coop would not be mobile, so I am thinking the run would need an indoor/coop-like structure for shelter when the hens want it. Does this mean we would have two coops for just four hens? How do you move a run around a large yard for days at a time without a coop available for the hens? Thanks!
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    You would be moving around the mobile run, probably only in the growing season when the grass is growing and it is WARM out.

    This means that for the mobile run, you do not need it to have a full coop. They just need a place to get out of the rain, as well as a sheltered nest box.

    There are lots of wonderful ideas on the coop pages on this site.

    Take some time to look through them and see what you like.

    Also, WELCOME! [​IMG]

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