Desperate need of Bottle Calf in OK.


12 Years
Sep 23, 2007
East of Lexington, Oklahoma
My wife is usually the one on here as I am completely computer illiterate! But she swear by his forum and talks about it constantly!

So here s the deal. As many of you are aware, she is disabled and stuck at home. Last year I bought her a baby Jersey bottle calf. That was the most excited I have seen her in a long time. She named him Porter and he followed her everywhere like a dog. She would spend her entire days with "Porter and the chicks". the problem is he never grew and the vet kept warning us he would probably not live a full life. But she wouldn't give up on him. One afternoon when coming home from the feed store we found him convulsing. It was pouring down rain and she sat right down in the mud with him in her lap until he was gone. She was devestated!

I promised to get her another this spring but the vet has warned us to not go back to the same sale barn as he said they are notorious for unhealthy calves. Due to her being off work on disability our income is pretty strapped. So I can't afford a lot! The cheapest I have found so far is $300. So if anyone has any ideas or knows of any other places in the area to look please drop me a line. You can e-mail directly to me as I would like for this to be a surprise to her. My e-mail is [email protected] I hope i did that right if not it is [email protected]
I have a jersey cow due any day and I have no idea what she will have. I was thinking of bottle raising it or letting the cow nurse it. I live in the SW corner of Kansas and I am not sure just how far you are from me. You can write me or pm me and let me know...its [email protected]. bet we can work something out if we are close enough to each other and dont have to drive far. Yep sale barns are a pain most of the can buy them from dairys if you get your name in soon before they take them to the sale. Most of the time they will sell them to you right after they are born...Just make sure they have had plenty of colostrum. I also give my calves Barguard99 it helps protect them from e-coli and other germs too, and worm them at birth also. Hopefully we arent that far apart.

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