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Aug 3, 2020
I have this Beautiful heritage bred Isabel Orpington from a very reputable breeder. She's always been an odd girl from day 1. Attached to humans, the sweetest girl. In October she was having a hard time roosting and I found her twice before locking them up in the hanging feeder. Shortly after the was limping and some days worse than others. Further down the road, last week both legs were outstretched. I pulled her in to the house to discover she was covered in louse. All of the flock have been treated, and she has been living in my house for almost a week. I bathed her and treated her with the bronco fly spray and have been giving her the laying crumble topped with sometimes eggs.

At first she was standing well after 2 days inside, just not moving much as she's been in a box to limit movement. I might mention she's still her happy self loving her attention and seeing the kids.

This morning both legs were outstretched again almost like a paralysis. My husband is wondering Marek's. But honestly she has zero other symptoms. Nothing else neurological. No bumblefoot no mites. She is acting normal otherwise. And eats and is gaining fine. No stress noted. If its a vitamin deficiency how do I know or how do I correct it? Or how do I go about other diagnoses. I don't want to cull her if I'm missing something and I really don't feel like it's Marek's
How old is she? I take it that she was not vaccinated for Mareks? I do think that Mareks disease may be a possibility. Injury could have been a cause. Sometimes a spinal boney deformity called roachback can cause a pinching of the spinal cord, causing sitting with legs forward and paralysis. It doesn’t hurt to try some B complex vitamins with riboflavin, just to rule out deficiency, but riboflavin deficiency usually causes curled under toes and walking on hocks (knees.)

Supportive care should be given by separating her into a crate or basket, and placing her water and food within reach. Here are some articles about details of Mareks disease:

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