Desperation has set in. PLEASE HELP MY DUCK.

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    May 1, 2016
    I have a two month old Pekin with a neck injury. I noticed it a week ago and it's gotten slightly worse. No puncture wounds or breaks. She holds her head close to her body/will not stretch it out to eat or drink or preen. I think it's a sprain. I finally brought her inside so she can stop moving around so much, which i think worsened it. She's clearly in pain and i have no idea how to fix a sprained neck. I've been feeding her a "smoothie" via syringe for the past week since she refuses to eat. I will take any advice, especially from those who have dealt with this sort of thing. Her name is honey and she's my baby <3 The only avian vet is two hours away and i really can't take time to drive that far : ( especially for them to just tell me to put her down or to do what i'm already doing. Culling her is not an option, so i need to find a way to heal her neck. Do you think this sort of thing is fatal? Much love to anyone who can help.
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    @LunasPoultry - I responded over on the Duck Forum. If I have any more ideas, I will post there.

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