detached/misplaced air cell what to do?

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    Dec 23, 2014
    I had some silkie eggs shipped to me and I have noticed that quite a few of them have the air cell just floating around freely like a jiggly bubble. These eggs have been incubating for 3 almost 4 days. I just now read that if the air cell is not right then you are supposed to leave the egg sitting upright during incubation and turn at a 45 degree angle and stop turning early at day 16. My eggs have been laying flat in the incubator. Will they be ok what should I do? How will I know if the chick needs help hatching due to the air cell not being placed right?
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    This is an excellent article and it includes a section on hatching shipped eggs

    You could put them in cut down egg cartons now to give them a better chance and to keep them upright. I incubate with them set upright and then at lockdown I hatch in cut down egg cartons.
    With shipped eggs there could be more chance of them pipping the wrong end of the egg though.

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