Deterrant against badger and fox?


10 Years
Jun 4, 2009
I have either a fox or a badger problem, half my chickens were taken in one night. I am going to get a trap tomorrow and try to at least get the badgers (I know they're here) and just maybe a fox, if I get lucky.

But I would also like to know what deterrs them, if anything. If I do get the critters that live here, others will replace them - I just want to get rid of the ones that think my chickens are a free buffet, and hopefully keep the new ones from getting too close (yes, I will make changes to my setup as well).

Wind chimes on the fence (which they pass through to get in)?
Any sort of animal urine?

I need to deter foxes, bagders and probably martens as well.

I did the urine test, it did not bother our wildlife one bit.

I have a feeder in the back of my property, i keep a trail cam there to monitor what coming in and decided i would give the urine a try well all they did was sniff and when back to eating LOL


Depending on where you live and how much land you have i would say a good set of dogs would take care of the problem, my dogs keep the wildlife in the deep woods , they will not venture in the open areas, that's suicide

The thing is, I have a highly capable LGD.

But he's my bed bear and he sleeps inside! And I'd have to make sure every little goat-made hole is shut to keep them inside to keep him inside (he'll follow them if they go). Darn goats.
shelter reproduction and food are their three basic needs the reason they are visiting you is because you are providing a food source eliminate the food source or make it impossible to get to, if it is a fox or badger this may be possible but if it is a weasel it is almost impossible to keep out. a badger is even more of a "digger" then a fox. There is a group of folks that believe the Ammonia smell in older urine is part of what attracts a canine, most animal urine will attract other animals kina a curiosity thing they want to see who is in town other then them example I catch grey fox a couple times a year using bobcat urine as an attractant I also catch grey fox using coyote urine . wind chimes may shift their behavior temporarily maybe if you could change the location of them now and then animals notice change and approach more cautiously when they notice something is different .
Goat-made holes. You know, holes - made by goats. In the fence.
My goats sleep wherever they want, which is never the barn. Usually outside the kitchen window.

Yeah, that's what I'm planning for whatever I catch, but they will be replaced by other critters eventually, who in turn will become a problem. Hence, I'd like to know what scares them besides staring into the face of an angry LGD.

I think I'm gonna get some windchimes to hang here and there on the fence and keep plugging the goat holes, it really is time for the dog to do its job..
Your coop needs to be predator proof, and the chickens need to be locked in every night. Digging only works if things aren't set up properly. My run is moderately safe, but the coop is solid, and my birds are in nightly. Mary

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