Devestated over loss of chickens

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by ilovechickens, Jul 1, 2008.

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    Jun 14, 2008
    West Central Wisconsin
    I lost two of my Americana hens Saturday, only feathers. My rooster was alarming, we went out to investigate and we did not see nothing. Again at 4 AM, the rooster was just going wild along with the mature hens. (I have also 18 sixteen week old chicks) I checked on them, and I didn't see anything. I should of done a head count of my Americana's . My husband came in and told me that two were missing, only feathers. I was devestated. Then yesterday, I went out to feed, and was hit by two dead chicks, 1 Buff Cochin was left with her front eaten out, and my little Midge a Red Frizzled Cochin Bantam whom I nursed back to life for 2 weeks just laying there all in tack, just dead. I cried and went banana's. After I settled down, I did a head count and found out that 1 Buff Polish, and another of my Buff Cochin's were gone. I lost 4 chicks. There was not a noise. I did not hear anything. My coop is maybe 50 feet from my bedroom, and I sleep with the windows open. I have no Idea how the predator got in. I have netting over the top, and heavy metal panels around the chicks. I don't know what kind of predator I am dealing with, but I need to find it. My chickens are my sanity, I enjoy them so much. I would appreciate any advice on How to catch a Predator!!!!!
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    I'm sooooo sorry about your birds!

    What size fencing do you have around them?

    Any signs of forced entry? ie, digging or torn netting, etc?

    It might be something small like a rat or weasel that can fit into the chick pen, or with larger birds taken it may be more likely something like a racoon that can stick it's paw inside the cage and grab the chicks.

    That would explain why one was just dead with no marks on it - like a racoon was able to grab them through the bars but couldn't drag it close enough to try to eat it. And then the other it grabbed and killed and was able to eat some of it through the bars, maybe?

    Dunno...I am not a predator expert by any means, but I sure hope you catch the varmit before it gets any of your other chickens!!
  3. ilovechickens

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    Jun 14, 2008
    West Central Wisconsin
    I have four foot high steel panels around the chicks. The chicks were dead in the middle of the pen. The four foot panels have 1 X 2 inch spacing and are connected to 6 foot dog kennel panels for my Americana's and Buff Cochin Rooster. Both pens have black fly netting over the top. We saw where there was an area the the two Americana's were taken, but as far as my chicks, I am stunned.
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    Jun 8, 2008
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    I am sorry for your loss, your description of the attack sounds like a weasel to me. (They can get into a hole the size of a hotdog - & are very resourceful )
  5. This is a weasel and will be back to finish off your flock. The ONLY thing that works is strong wire mesh 1/2" MAXIMUM, and every vent, hole and crack sealed. They tend to eat a whole flock and move on to the next easy meal. I'm very sorry but you have a BIG project to complete. They climb, they dig, they squeeze...worst kind of predator other than a wolverine. Before you start be sure it isn't in there sleeping during the day (look up).
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