Dewlap Toulouse: Buff or Gray...


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Aug 14, 2009
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Does anyone have any Dewlap Toulouse buff or gray, Please post pictures of your Dewlaps, babies or adults... I just orderd 6 gray dewlaps goslings... Should be here in May... Id be interested in getting 2 buffs to add to the group...

What breeding tech do you use? What do your pens look like? What do you offer for water, a dish or swimming area? Please advise... Im so excited... Im finally getting Dewlaps!!!

One more thing, those of you that breed them, what is your hatch rate?

Thanks all.. Ill post pictures when they arrive.

This is what I ordered...

3.3 Large Dewlap Toulouse
1.2 Buff Toulouse

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I am really interested in dewlaps I think they are really traditional looking. Does metzer farm have good quality stock meaning show quality or close to it?
If you want nice Dewlaps, look for a show breeder or purchase goslings from Holderread waterfowl farm. I have a buff gander that was purchased as an adult (elite quality or some such) and he is quite nice. I also have a buff and two gray hens.
Metzer generally sells pet quality stock. My chinese is from there as are my egg production ducks. I've had good healthy stock from them, but they won't win any shows.

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