Dewormer question

Sep 22, 2019
Ontario Canada
Hello. We have 9 , 18 month old hens. All has gone well for the most part Other then they are not laying well Right now. 2-3 eggs a day. They laid last winter better but they were new layers. this year they have been jolting for the last few weeks so we hope they soon pick up laying a bit more soon.
My question is about dewormer. We have not dewormed them ever. We have not felt a need to. Should we be doing a dewormer as a preventative measure ? If so what ? We have seen runny and yellow poop from time to time but not too bad. We don’t have a local vet who will treat chickens So not sure what type best thing to do is. Hoping there may be a good all purpose dewormer to use as a good prevention. Looking forward to all your advice.


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6 Years
Feb 12, 2015
North Florida
Dewormers don't 'prevent' worms, they treat worms when they are there. The fecal float is the best way to find that out. The occasional yellow or runny droppings may just be normal cecal droppings, which happen several times a day. The older the birds get generally the more the shortened daylight hours affect laying, so they will reduce or stop laying for the winter. Should pick up again in the spring when the days get longer again.

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