DH ate it before I got a pic!

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    I was in the coop to grab Beatrice's egg (still cant geto ver how perfect those bantam eggs are for kindergarten lunch boxes) when I was surprised by the sight of another egg in the box below Bea's (dont ask why the banty took the top box with the most room...)!!! One of our 4 BR pullets started laying yesterday! It was 2 shades darker than Bea's creamy colored eggs and had speckles that showed up when I washed it. Only slightly larger, but that is to be expected in a first egg. But it DID have a yolk! I found out that i had a yolk when I walked into the kitchen and DH was frying it up!!! So, no pic of the first "real egg" as DH put it...but how cool that they started laying the week they turned 20 weeks!
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    [​IMG] Yeah!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] Mine are 'late bloomers'.....24 weeks for the first.....
    I can see you walking in to find DH fixing breakfast....before the picture was taken....[​IMG] did you tell him it was a breach of BYC etiquette??[​IMG] I hope he has a sense of humor about the whole chicken and egg thing! Thanks for sharing...
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    You should've posted a pic of him eating the egg!
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    [​IMG] What was he thinking [​IMG] Congrats on the 1st egg from your big girls [​IMG]
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    I feel your pain. With our first egg I walked in and my DH had the frying pan heated up and was about to crack it. I barely had time to get a picture. He told me "we'll never have a fresher egg in our life!". I nicely reminded him that we have eight hens and will have fresh eggs for quite a while. [​IMG]
  6. sparkles2307

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    LOL I told him I needed a pic for my "chicken people" and he just rolled his eyes. He's kind of int he technological Dark Ages so doesnt understand that you can be part of a community online with ppl you've never met in person.

    He did comment "That was like getting into Fort Knox! I had to crack it with a butter knife!"
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    Guess he couldn't wait?

  8. Chicky Tocks

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    How dare him not offer to at least share the first egg!

    Congrats! May your girls continue to lay daily. [​IMG]
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    lol thanks. I am guessing they will lay daily once the kinks get worked out. Beatrice started laying Saturday before last and has missed only one day so far... but those banty eggs do go far for the gorwn ups in the house!

    Oh and he didnt offer to sharebecause he knows I dont eat breakfast (yucky) so yeah...stinker...
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