DH is Putting the Coop in the Barn! Pics, too!


10 Years
Jan 8, 2010
So. DH decided that we should use the 60% of the barn that is between our male and female alpacas and was sitting empty. There is a gate and fence into the "coop" on the East side. My DH has hung a tarp, weight with sand to cover the entire eastern side. . To the north is the large set of nesting boxes. The Western side is also fenced so DH used a this black plastic sheeting over that side. Then, the Southern side has smaller set of nesting boxes with the chicken door.

The center area has a ton of roosting and walking space. The "coop" measures about 15' x 16'. We have 48 birds. DH is just putting up some heat lamps so that when it gets really cold there's some heat available. Now, we just have to figure out the waterers. Right now we're using the 1 gallon plastic ones. There's plenty of ventilation if we need to I can close the barn doors. The alpacas love the cold and snow. The birds seem very happy. I can't wait to get the pine pellets for the floor!

Click for bigger pics!

Before the plastic and tarp....
Northern and Eastern view...

Southern and Northern view (taken over Eastern fence)

After the tarp...


Hanging w/the Peeps...

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Great idea!
That is an awesome idea for constructing! It looks like you have a nest for each bird. If I may make an observation... I have read that roosts should be higher than the nestboxes to discourage roosting in them. Yours seem to have no compunction about roosting below the nests!
I will have to watch for them roosting in the boxes. Right now, they're roosting on the roosts, the cross beams or on top of the nest boxes, but the boxes are covered.

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