diagnosing sickness in RIR

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9 Years
Mar 28, 2014
Our rescued RIR (maybe 3 yr old, still laying) was running across the yard yesterday. Today, she is in the coop with her head pointed toward the corner in the darkest part of the place. She won't eat or drink. There is also a very strange, almost acidic odor, not the rotten odor that I have smelled in other chickens before.

I have the fan on to cool her off but wondered if there was anything to do? She could be egg bound but she is not pushing. She is just not moving nor does she want to move. Not breathing hard, no wheezing, nothing like that -- just listless. Eyes aren't bright but also not vacant.

What else could cause her to go from active to death's door so quickly?

Should I try to bath her? It is awfully hot here.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


The only thought that came to my mind is either being broody or egg bound. Is she making mean sounds and perking up when you are around? If so she is probably broody and wants to hatch some chicks, if not can you feel any egg?

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