Diamond python?

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    Are diamond pythons a threat to chickens. I have 2 isa browns, a light Sussex and australorp (both 30 weeks) and a red sex link rooster. I walked into the coop tonight to lock up and noticed a snake out of the corner of my eye. He was hanging about a meter away from the nesting boxes where the chickens were sleeping.


    Would it harm the chickens and how would we get it out?
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    Probably not big enough to eat a grown chicken but will devour the eggs.
    Sometimes snakes take an animal way bigger than they can swallow and die trying so they could still be a threat.
    I have lots of snakes here but, even though some are upwards of 6 feet, I think they do more good eating rodents than they are a threat to the chickens.
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    Do you have wildlife control / management in Australia and/or an agency or a private firm you can call? I know laws are different from the U.S. their so you may want to seek out local help and advice.
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    do you have a rat or monitor problem? if so keep it around but take it away from your chickens

    if take it away into the bush

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