Diarrhea... can anyone give me some advice?


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8 Years
May 16, 2011
My 7 week and 4 week old BO chicks have a dark and almost black smelly diarrhea.
They're still in the brooder box (which is huge) in my basement. They have fresh clean water all of the time and they're on chick starter still. I thought at first it was a cecal poop (I read about them on this forum). These are my first chicks so I'm not sure if they are sick or this is what their poop should look like. There are times when it looks like reg poop with a white dot, but not often. Thanks for all of your help
Have you been using medicated feed? Have you been giving them any grit or mixing in a little bit of sand in with their feed? Maybe try the plain yogurt thing or organic apple cider vinegar thing or the "sav-a-chic" powder water mix, not sure? Maybe it is just normal and nothing to worry about.
Anianna THANK YOU the poo primer thing was awesome!
I did give med chick feed the first week and then was told at the feed store I didn't need to anymore. They do get grit. What is the apple cider thing? Do I add it to their water?

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