Diarrhea in 1 of 4 pullets, 4+ days


Mar 26, 2021
Pacific NW
My RIR pullet, 24 weeks old like the others we raised as day-old chicks, has been having diarrhea for a few days now. It's been at least 4 days. I noticed her messy feathers first and then began noticing the watery poops often. The strange thing is she is acting fine- eating, drinking, foraging, laying daily, preening, etc... while none of the others seem to have it.
They all began laying within the last 2 weeks, so between that development and mixing in half layer feed to their former chick feed, could she just need time to adjust to both the food and laying? They also went foraging a few times last week in a new part of the yard that includes vinca, which I now understand is toxic to them. (I am unsure what else they may have found there too.) They aren't allowed over there any longer. Could that be it, working it's way out of her system?
I visually inspected her vent and it looks normal.
Any insight into the cause could help. At this point I am just watching for behavior changes but seeing none so far (thankfully).


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She appears totally normal and is doing all the regular things, but yes, still some (not all) runny poops.
Can they have an issue that causes digestive upset, but no other symptoms, and then resolves itself?

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