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Mar 10, 2008
OK, my 3 wk old runt has diarrhea...a couple of days ago it was almost completely clear liquid coming out. Now I've added yogurt to the diet. Her poop is brown, but still liquidy...nothing fully formed. There's no white in it either, but the others don't seem to have much of that either. I gave her terramycin to help a n eye problem...that was better, now is going shut again...have to open at least once a day. I wash it with saline & even give her 2 drops of polyvisol nightly. I have electrolytes added to the water. I see her eat & drink. She gets lively when eating, but since she's only 1/3 the size, she's backing off lately...especially when I hand feed them yogurt mixed with crumbles. She only seems interested when the others are hand feeding. I do see her at the crumble feeder by herself sometimes. She is much more vocal in the last few days. When she's not eating or drinking, she seems to be resting. I'm still worried about her. How can I cure the diarrhea??


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Mar 16, 2008
Seven of my twenty-nine chicks (3 weeks old) have the same problem. Just like yours, it started out with watery diarrhea, then progressed to dark brown. Some of them have recovered from the diarrhea a bit, but now they have green poo. I am feeding them only crumbles and water with terramycin in it. Hope someone has a suggestion. These chicks all also have wobbly/weak legs and aren't able to stand up for very long. Also very lethargic with nearly no energy to eat or drink.
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Feb 26, 2008
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I wish someone would answer this. I too have a couple of chicks with runny poo and they are only 3 days old. I started feeding them steamed rice and boiled their water today but, past that I am not sure what to do.
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Have you looked at this post

If the chick is only eating when there is handfeeding going on, she is likely not getting enough nutrition and that will make the poop look watery, insufficient, etc.
Try giving her anything she will eat on her own and see if that helps. (Bread, scratch, fruit) At this point it might be a question of any food is good food. You can always start getting her to eat the proper food once she is used to eating.

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