Diary of a Mad Black Woman


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I have a question about this movie. When Madea and Helen went back to Helen's house, why did Madea get upset about the wire hanger? I can't figure this out. Thank you!
Its a spoof of the wire hanger scene in the movie Mommy Dearest. Joan Crawford (mommy) becomes enraged when she sees that her daughter hung up one of her expensive new dresses on a wire hanger instead of a padded hanger and beat the girl.
I never saw the movie, but that reference refers to Joan Crawford. Her adopted children claimed that Joan hated wire hangers and beat them with wire hangers. Back in the 80's I believe the adopted daughter wrote a book that was made into a movie called "Mommie Dearest" The most famous line in the book/movie was Joan screaming "No more wire hangers". Very famous and scandalous at the time. Rather iconic now.

Imp- has been known to use that line.

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