Did anyone set eggs on June 9th? Wanna hatch with me?


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Apr 14, 2010
Richlands, NC
Hi there! I set 30 Silkie Eggs on June 9th - I can't wait to see what I get! My last hatch was from Indigo Egg - The air sacs were damaged in shipping and I only got 1 silkie baby out of the hatch, I was so disappointed - dag gone post office. But the one I did get is beautiful - she was supposed to be partridge, but a white baby jumped out of the shell - my five year old daughter names them all...she is Potato Salad...lol...huge vaulted skull, perfect feet and a nice beard...I hope she will have some friends on the 30th! Anyone with me?
Well good luck! What type of incubator are you hatching with? This is my first time hatching with an incubator, I usually do it the old fashioned way...well the broke person way...I just put the eggs in a basket under a heat lamp with a humidifier in the room - I am trying out a Little Giant this time

I hope it does well for both of us!
Oh, it's just a clone of 1 of the styrofoam cooler types listed on the coop page.

I will probably update here, just so people can learn from my mistakes.

Good luck to you as well.
Hey All! I have 22 eggs in my incubator as of June 6th...I'm sooo excited! One doz. of Buff Orp eggs, the rest are a mix of Barred-Rocks, White & Buff Silkies. I have no idea what to expect....this is my first time to inc. and I've only been doing the chicken biz for about 2 months. I'm learning sooo much on BYC....I am addicted to all of this!

So glad you are all here! Rhonda
Been chicken fan 15 mons. and got it bad, Good, bad. Wooring on keeping the mine and what not out of the cool. Run and doors are done.
Things to know for good hatch.
Keep cats out of room.
Use a spot check.
use rubber shelf liner over wire mesh to keep chicks safe.
Lock down don't open incubator!
Thanks Silkie! Great inc. tips...rubber shelf liner, right......I was wondering about that metal mesh. I candled eggs last night and oh, total excitement!!!! I've got movement and veins....I'm really wanting some more Silkies besides all the others, the Silkies are my favs, so dang cute....oh, darn, I can't say favs....I saw a leopard spotted Polish with a black wild hairdo, I am smitten!!

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