Did crop surgery on ~7 wk pullet . (another update)


5 Years
Nov 5, 2014
Well we managed to pass by the intimidation part and do the crop surgery on a 6 week old Black Copper Marans pullet that had an impacted crop. I guess her crop had been impacted ~4 days before we had gotten the sutures and done this. I had read the other threads about laxatives, oil, and making them vomit, but none of that did anything to her and she never vomitted.

I removed a large wad of grass and cleaned the remaining material out of her crop (grit, crumbles, etc.).

We closed her up, treated the wound, and have been trying to force some antibiotics down her with a syringe. We have given her some scrambled egg and free access to water. She has the occasional poop, but it is not very large and her crop is once again full. I am trying to limit the egg/food while her crop is full.

Is it possible she has a blockage further down and is there something else we should be doing? I tried to be very thorough that I had completely cleaned her crop once I was in there.
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No other comments, huh? The chicken is still alive and active. Her crop still seems very full/swollen. We have cleaned up a few small poops. Not sure what is going on. No smell so not sure how to tell if it has gone sour or there is some other blockage or issue ???????
Just an update. Pullet is still energetic and HUNGRY. Try not to let her eat much, the crop is finally starting to subside. She pooped many times yesterday while I was at work, but they were small so still not sure if she still has something to move inside..

The suture line is dry, no swelling, or color issues. Been force feeding her antibiotics and dousing her wound in iodine, but skipped that this morning given the condition of the wound being so dry now.
I don't really have any direct advice to give, but hopefully some others will chime in. I would expect the crop appearing to be full in the days immediately following the surgery was a result of inflamation from the surgery. Seeing as she is now active again and the crop has gone down some since surgery I would say she is on her way to recovery. Definitely continue the antibiotics for at least a few more days until she is healed up well. If she is pooping, even though its small that is a good sign. Now that there is some "flow" all be it small it might just take some time. Olive oil can usually help get things moving along. Maybe try feeding her some olive oil now and see if it helps any. Another idea might be to make some small amounts of fermented feed as its much easier to digest and mix some olive oil with that and feed her that ration for a week or two and watch for any change/improvement. good luck!
Clara Barton has recuperated and is headed back to the coop shortly. We are a little short of nerves, she seems none the worse for wear and gained a name.

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