Did I confuse them????

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    May 23, 2011
    So I have 4 eggs that should hatch on Tuesday, The others should have been today but came 2 days early. So I figured maybe these 4 would as well. So I thought that tonight I would quit turning them and go into lockdown. I turned them this morning at about 8am, since then I have noticed them starting to move. So my question is did I confuse them by turning them this morning? [​IMG]

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    Bantams can hatch as early as 18 days depending on 'bator, heat and humidity.

    But, no, you did not confuse them. Many, many people have forgotten about eggs in the 'bator that has automatic turners in it and open the door to see chicks riding along with the rest of the eggs or dropped down to the bottom of the hatcher.
    Either from hatching early or forgotten, it makes no never mind to the chick.

    There are been a few times I walk past the 'bator and hear cheeping, only to open the door and see a chick saying "Well, it is about time! It's dark in here!"

    You would be amazed at the conditions a lot of chicks are hatched under and do great.

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