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I had a White Rock Pullet chick die on me sometime last night, I found her this morning. I have about 25 chicks in a pen/brooder (8 x 6) with two heat lamps (100 watt bulbs) about 12 inches high and plenty of food and water to go around. The only thing I can think of is that the lights weren't low enough But where she was laying was in between the food and light (about 2 feet). She smelled a little bad, like guts; not strong but you could tell. They are on medicated 27% protein game/broiler feed, Anyone have any suggestions? I didn't know if some just die or if i did something wrong. Thanks guys and gals.
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Speaking of crushed, I have 4 Jersey Giants that are about two weeks older than the others, which are 1 week, and twice their size. They seem to get along fine with everyone but should I separate them?
The 27% protein starter is quite a lot. It may have overworked the kidneys of the chick which are fragile at that age. I usually start w/ no more than 22% for a week or two and then increase to no more than 24%. Keep plenty of water on hand so your babies can flush that protein out. If not the protein clogs the kidney rendering it useless. That may have been the problem, and if so you will have more of the same.

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With two heat lamps, is there space where the chicks can get to a cooler area? It's a good sized brooder, so probably. It's just almost always my first thought. Folks don't realize how much time a hen-raised chick spends out from under warm momma and I think a lot of brooded babies get fried
Gosh I hope thats not the case, although I haven't seen any others that seem to be having problems. My local chicken guy told me to use the 27 so my cornish X would grow like mad, so I bought it for all the chicks and figured it would be better. I hope I didn't mess up. I figured I would lose my fragile Cornish X's before I lost a white rock any day.

As I said before my indoor pen is 8x6 so they have about 50 square feet, more than ample room to get away from the heat and run around like little birds.
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Cornish X's are bred to grow quickly and the higher protein is good for that purpose. I am no expert but I would be hesitant to use 27% this early. The members here can provide good advice though there is no single correct way to feed babies. Look over the Learning Center on the top of the page or go to your library (I am old school
), or use the web to search for nutrition info. Ultimately you must decide what is best in your case. Good luck!

The heat lamp suggestion is also very accurate, but you have lots of room for the babies to get cool.
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Your mention of an odor made me wonder if it had pasty butt. It can kill a chick pretty quickly, as they are growing so fast and evacuating toxins frequently to match that growth rate. Having a pasted butt for as little as a day can be enough to kill a chick. Check your others to make sure their butts are clear.
Well, I found out about a weird thing on the web called pastey butt. A few of our chicks got it and we had to clean the poo off of their little bottoms so that they could poo, so they could eat, so they could grow. I don't know about the gut smell but things happen.

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