Did I just ruin my hatch? And hatching question.



The directions said that on day two I should take the rotatter out and put a bit of paper towel down.
Well, as I did I picked up a pipped and peeping egg...
Did I just ruin my chances of it hatching???
And how long does it take for it to hatch once it is pipped?
No, you haven't ruined it, I'm sure. But keep that lid on and wait until day 22 or so to get them out so you don't lose any more humidity.
Oh, as for hatching after a pip, it can take anywhere from 4-6 hours to 12-18 hours at the most -- typically. Don't give up if it take a little longer.
Oh thank back yard chicken its not ruined...
Thank you guys!! I was very worried for a moment.

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