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    Nov 11, 2008
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    Hey everyone a few weeks ago one of my male peacocks got cut and had a hole under his beak and his tongue was sticking out and i tried liquid skin but the cut just kept opening up so i finally decided to sew it up with a needle and fishing line. Well I had the fishing line in for about a week and i decided it was time to take it out, but when i went to take it out i couldn't see it well enough and skin had grown over it and i couldn't get it out and i didn't want to hurt the bird so i just decided to leave it in. It wasn't very much fishing line. Just enough to sew up the hole. Here are some pics.....

    Before i sewed it up

    After i sewed it up
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    Aug 15, 2009
    I would let it heal up some more then try to find it and remove it ,even if you need to open it up some, If left it may get infected or may stay inert and heal up around it and be OK. Keep some type of antibiotic on it if you can. george
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    Looks like it was a lot better after sewing. I would wait and see. Use antibiotics now that it is closed. Best you could do for it, so good job!!!!

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