Did I make the biggest mistake??


Nov 13, 2018
New Zealand
I removed the hatchlings, luckily enough, they're almost completely dried up. The humidity dropped to about 40 while I was removing the hatchlings and riting the rolled eggs to the position where the pipped side is facing up.
So, I am all worried again.
1. One egg with a tip of beak poking out has not moved or progressed.
2. A couple others are not moving, I had seen little wobbles earlier.
3. I also have one that does wobble and chirp, but the wee hole in the shell from the pip looks like what I would imagine it would look like if the drop in humidity dried the membrane (which as of yet, looks pale yellow and opaque). Should I nip the membrane to make sure the chick can breathe? Of course, doing so would mean opening the incubator again.

Is there anything I could or should do?
Let it be for now. As mentioned it's a slow process and can stretch out for days.

Humidity is all about surface area. If the humidity is not raising fast enough for your liking, add a damp paper towel to the incubator floor, but ideally, you want to open as little as possible so it isn't constantly dropping.

Membranes can be moistened with antibiotic ointment (without pain relief) or coconut oil, if it comes to that, but for now, they may still be absorbing blood from the membrane, so cutting may cause bleeding, which you don't want. I wouldn't mess with the current chick. Let the humidity go up and keep an eye on the membrane for now.

Remember, right now you are very early on in the hatch. Humidity will level itself out and it has time to do so. Some chicks are quick, where some can take literal days to get through the process.

I've always waited a minimum 24 hours from shell pip or 24 hours from other eggs hatching if it hasn't pipped before getting involved. And generally give them extra time on top of that.

Fyi, when a chick is 'gaping', this is to draw in the yolk. If you see a chick gaping through the pip, please be aware that it is not stuck and you should not intervene.

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